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March was Women’s History Month

Power 102.1 celebrated Powerful Women throughout Butte County!

…and we got so many nominations that we’re continuing on until everyone is featured!

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Nominations are closed for 2022, but start thinking about who you’d like to nominate in 2023, and check out all the North State’s most powerful women below:

3/8 - Theresa Daley

nominated by Rachel Holmes

She is an incredible OBGYN physician and surgeon and brings incredible knowledge and skill to the community.


3/9 - Joanne Gilchrist

nominated by Samuel Crow

Joanne is the District Administrator for the California Department of Public Health, Licensing & Certification, Chico District Office.


3/10 - Courtney Dugan

nominated by Nicholas Dugan

Courtney is a real life Wonder Woman! She’s a married mother to four beautiful children, plus she cares for several other children including a foster child & her two younger siblings.


3/11 - Amber Wyatt

nominated by Emily Wyatt

Amber is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Communication Science Disorders at Chico State. She is hardworking, genuine, selfless, and extremely caring.


3/14 - Mandy Whigham

nominated by Jacob Whigham

She’s the most disciplined, motivated, positive living/loving life, women I’ve ever met; beyond successful entrepreneur, married 12 years, she was at her bottom in life when we met.


3/15 - Ava Rose Moon

nominated by Christian Kepler

Ava Rose Moon is a powerhouse! Ava is an amazing mother and partner, always looking out for the needs of her family.


3/16 - Sofie Curiel

nominated by Vanessa Cooney

Sofie has an amazing personality, even though she’s super shy she loves everyone.  Sofie immediately bond with everybody she meets.


3/17 - Ashley Wright

nominated by Brooke Wright

Her awesomeness brightens anyone’s day up! Through the toughest times of her life she has managed to overcome all the obstacles with a beautiful smile on her face.


3/18 - Siera Santos

nominated by Valerie Wright

Siera is Miss. Butte County and  serves with a humble heart, dedicating her time to volunteering all over in many ways. Being a role model to young children is not for everyone, but Siera does just that!


3/21 - Anna Bauer

nominated by Kimberly Nelms

Anna is the Executive Director of First 5 Butte County Children and Families Commission.
With a back­ground in ear­ly child­hood edu­ca­tion and a Master’s Degree in Phys­i­cal Edu­ca­tion, Anna has worked with chil­dren and fam­i­lies in Butte Coun­ty for over 20 years.


3/22 - Heather Cooper

nominated by Shannon Payne

This woman is the best friend, mom, wife, sister, aunt, daughter, and realtor not only in our county but in the world! Heather is the kindest, most loving, generous, and thoughtful human I have ever known.


3/23 - Amyan Beaver

nominated by Barbara Sandoval

Amyan has such an amazing voice, not only as a singer, but using her voice to make a difference in people’s lives. Amyan speaks life into others, inspiring and encouraging others to believe in themselves.


3/24 - Dawn Hesseltine

nominated by Michael Taul

My auntie is the strongest person I know. She has been through so much and no matter what life has thrown at her she never gives up!


3/25 - Kristy Lopez

anonymously nominated 

Kristy is a personal trainer that works at a fitness center in Butte County but also trains clients personally. I’ve been training with her for a while now and she is top notch!


3/28 - Dawn Foster

nominated by Casey Jones

She’s been an insurance agent for over 20 years. She and Carly Foster are the agents that stood by the people affected by the 2018 campfire and they are still there helping the towns rebuild.


3/29 - Sierra Yeager

nominated by Michaela Golightly

I am so inspired by Sierra! She walks into a room and it feels like love and acceptance and I cannot wait for the great and honest conversations that will ensue!


3/30 - Samantha Long

nominated by Lucius Long

Samantha is the definition of a powerful woman. She is a small business owner and mother of five children. Samantha is always kind and spreads love to everyone she comes in contact with.


3/31 - Ciara Barnes

nominated by Danna Mack

Ciara founded an inner-beauty pageant called HeartShine in 2012. Originally, it was a PHS Sr.. project to raise funds for the AHA as her ‘give back’ after having open heart surgery herself.


4/1 - Kristy Malloy

nominated by Adam Malloy

Kristy is a community health advocate with so many success stories. She has been working non stop in our community to make it better for everyone living in it.


4/4 - Christal A Ronquillo

nominated by Thomas Hernandez

My beautiful fiance is currently pregnant and works at the Oroville Rescue Mission as the Executive Chef. Every day she plans and executes exemplary meals for the homeless here In Butte County, sometimes cooking for 80 people a day for lunch and dinner.


4/5 - Malissa Yang

nominated by Johnny Cha

Malissa is a very loving and hard working person. She’s always striving for the best and her gratitude shows it all. Caring is what she does Malissa does best!


4/6 - Jennifer Redwine

nominated by Heather Bailey

My mom overcame 20+ years of addiction and then became an inspiration to everyone she’s ever come across. She worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for many years, helping anyone she could.


4/7 - Alexandra Godinez

nominated by Jasmine Quintanilla

Alexandra recently quit her 9-5 to work at her salon full time because it’s what she loves to do. She’s a very independent individual and recently lost over 40 pounds by being dedicated and amazing all around.


4/8 - Antoinette Lee

nominated by Tracy Velasquez

Antoinette is a great and understanding boss who looks out for her employees. She is also a great hardworking mother.


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