Butte County’s Most Powerful Women

3/8 - Kathy McClymoont

Kathy is the owner of our sponsor, Laura’s Wig & Beauty Supply in Chico. She grew up in the world of beauty and worked with her mother, who also owned several beauty salons and wig styling businesses around Chico, from a very young age.


3/9 - Alisha Simpkins

(Award Winning) Real Estate agent starting a non-profit to help single parents become home owners. She avidly volunteers in the community and inspires everyone around her with her positive and uplifting spirit.
– nominated by Nicole Rudolph

3/10 - Dr. Emily Hartmann

Board Certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in breast and body contouring as well as breast reconstruction and top surgery for transgender patients.


3/11 - Justine Jacobsen

She has risen from waiting tables here in Oroville to managing a restaurant to taking over and opening up her own businesses. Along with her amazing family values and support of friends she also gives many people opportunities time after time and helps employees better themselves.


3/12 - Destiny Erickson

She’s single-handedly providing financial stability for myself, her, and our 2 year old child at 23 years old.


3/15 - Lisa Almaguer

Lisa is Communications Manager for Butte County Public Health Department. A Chico native and graduate of Chico State’s College of Communications, Lisa Almaguer has worked in the field of design and communications for over 20 years.


3/16 - Roxanne Elderidge

Roxanne has been such an inspiration in our local community. Standing up for the community and not backing down. She’s also even currently taking donations for Easter baskets which she will be handing out to kids at the Oroville fire station. The amount she does for us is just WOW keep it up Roxanne!
– nominated by Simo Child

3/17 - Tanya Quackenbush

Tanya Quackenbush is a mother, wife, and a top producing loan officer with Movement Mortgage. She has helped over 1,000 families in her mortgage career, and has volunteered countless hours of her time in serving our community as a Captain of Chico Rotary.


3/18 - Pam Larry

Photo via Facebook

Ever heard of the butte county local food network? This lady created this non profit in order to help people get access to local food. She is a rabble rouser. She is helping to create a stronger local food system. 


3/19 - Alyssa Nolan-Cain

Alyssa has overcome countless struggles to become what many believe will be one of the most prolific women in Butte County history.  As founder and President of the Tiny Pine Foundation, she is changing lives daily for families who have lost everything due to the local fires.


3/22 - Helen Tolle

Helen is the owner along with her husband JC at Epic Barbell Gym in Orland. Helen is such a hard worker and always so friendly, caring and positive. Helen lifts my spirits up, always telling me and reminding me that I CAN, even when I think I can’t.


3/23 - Alberta Tracy

For all of the work she does for the community of Oroville. She’s been a long time member of the Butte County historical Society and is in quite a few postcards and readings about our area having to do with her title, “The Lady of Butte County.”


3/24 - Gina Gingery

Photo: Butte County Superior Court

This amazing mother of 2 has worked herself silly for the Butte county courts. Her efforts have helped so many people but especially with Butte County Animal Control to save mistreated animals while holding animal abusers accountable.


3/25 - Dyanna Johnson

Dyanna is the CEO of a medical office in Chico and rocks at her job! She empowers her staff to excel, make positive changes, encourages growth and opportunity. She manages a staff of about 50, is in the middle of an expansion and still manages to take individual time with any staff member who needs it.
-nominated by Danielle Maddox

3/26 - Sandy Wong

Sandy is the owner of Tong Fong Low and Union restaurants in Oroville. She is the hardest working, most generous woman I have every met. She donates to many community organizations and groups in Butte County. She is an amazing woman!!
-nominated by Heather Wong

3/29 - Jennifer Carter

Jennifer works at Oroville Hospital as Assistant Director of Critical Care in the ICU. During this past COVID year she was unwavered. Not only dealing with the everyday stress of ICU, but lets put COVID in the mix.


3/30 - Toni Suzor

She is an amazing mom, boss, role model and so much more she has earned everything she has she has influenced me to become a better person, role model and employee she started a small business during COVID and as done and amazing job and has been successful and pushed her way through it all.
-nominated by Ashlee Suzor

3/31 - Shannon Williams

Owner and co-founder of Williams Electric company, she serves Butte County faithfully no matter what. She’s a full time mother as well, raising six(!!) kids on top of managing her business and for that I believe she’s a strong, POWERful woman.
-nominated by Evan Fletcher

4/1 - Mallory Penzotti

This is my good friend. She built herself up from being homeless, losing everything in the campfire, but now she helps homeless teens and all people at 6th street center for years now. She is a wonderful person that goes out of her way and always thinks of others first and does everything to help the people in her community. I love her.
-nominated by Alicia Garcia

4/2 - Claire Hootman

Claire is a U.S. Marine Corp veteran who graduated with honors out of combat school over 500 men and women Marines. Following her time in the Marines she went on to become a barber.


4/5 - Jessica Parker

She not only has helped multiple people who were involved in the Camp Fire even though she was also a Camp Fire victim and she is by far the best mother and grandma anyone could ever ask for.
-nominated by Stormey Monroe

4/6 - Camie Guzman

Because she is the best mom! She goes out of her way to do something for her 4 kids and needs to get back surgery. We’re going out of our way to help her and support her because she does so much every day while going through so much pain.


4/7 - Lori Parris

Lori is a CPA and senior partner at Parkside CPAs & Consultants. She has been at her craft for 30 years, but is always willing to take the time to mentor emerging professionals.


4/8 - Julia Yarbough

I nominate former Action News Now morning Anchor Julia Yarbough. I know Julia is no longer with the station so I don’t have my morning coffee with her any longer, but in the time I watched Julia,


4/9 - Julie Scalet

My aunt Julie Scalet is a nurse for Chico Unified District. She got her MSN, her family is so proud, and her colleagues love her. She is the most selfless caring giving person I know and works hard every day in and out.
-nominated by Kaydence Balgrove

4/12 - Maria Cortez

She is an amazing mom doing things she shouldn’t be doing. Maria’s been able to work at home, taking care of her children, and taking amazing care of the house all by herself. She’s had surgery recently and while Maria was unable to do certain activities that she used to, she’s recovered at an amazing rate. Maria is now trying to balance her life to better fit her needs after the surgery.
-nominated by Jesus Cortez-Rangel

4/13 - Teri Paez

She runs Oroville news live and covers all the fires nearby as a volunteer. She spends her free time at the senior center in Oroville providing accounting services as well. She’s the most selfless and sweet woman you’ll ever meet.
-nominated by Jenn Sisino


  1. I nominate Jennifer hunt. She grew up in butte county from a drug addicted home. Became a single mother of two at a young age. Put herself through school to become a court reporter and has worked for butte superior court for the last 14 years. She also wrote a book about her life to help others realize they are not always a project of their environment and can rise above. She has a heart of gold and has always been the best role model to her friends and family. She is an inspiration to me and I lover her dearly.

    1. Hi Peapod,

      The nomination period was during Women’s History Month (March) so we’re just making our way through all the people that were nominated since we had such a big response, but we’ll do something like this again soon!

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