December 9, 2022

JJR Christmas Wish

7 thoughts on “JJR Christmas Wish

  1. My mother in law and father in law Alicia and Anthony do an exceptionally great job and always supporting their family members in any way they can. After a family member loss recently, I feel like they really need a great break this Xmas season. ♡

    1. Good luck Tiffany! Just wanted to double check to make sure you filled out the form, sometimes people mistake commenting here as an entry into Christmas wish. If you did, disregard this message other than we hope you and your extended family have a merry Christmas!

  2. Being a single mom to two kiddos this would he a huge blessing. Times are so tough for everyone right now including us. ♡

  3. My daughter has a new baby about 4 months old now who has a rare disease and has had a lot of extra medical costs. It is likely that baby Mia will only live to be 5ish. We all have been through a lot but something to help with travel for her appointments and medical bills would be a godsend.

  4. My daughter bought this house and they knew it would be a fixer upper but it has turned into a nightmare. They just found out they have to run all new electrical because nothing is grounded and they have been living without heat for about a month and it is getting colder. A week after they moved in the main line water burst and it has been one nightmare after another and could really use some help!

  5. I have put in on for my friend alicia she is a great friend and mom. So I hope she is picked because with all she is going through this year her and her family need a little pick me up.

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